Monday, January 26, 2009

Been a while

Well I got four posts in before I skipped out on the blogging thing.  I've been busy the last year or so working on developing  My wife got this idea that I should develop a site to make it easier for property managers to communicate with their clients (i.e. property owners).  We got all excited, laid out the concept, got a couple developers together, formed Syseva Corp, and went to work (read more here).

At first it seemed like we were blazing the trail and nothing could stop us.  Of course realty set in after we scheduled our first demo.  Many of the features we thought were working were not actually up to par.  In the end I wound up rewriting most of it myself.  We have a beta version running, but it's not as feature rich as we had hoped.

Lately I have been trying to figure out how to keep Syseva and Rentables going.  The competition is rounding out and it seems it's time to find some venture capital and make a run for it.  I've made some new connection that may ease the path, but as with all things it comes down to hard work and persistence.

In case you're wondering I never got accepted by UCLA.  Instead I'm working on my own private lessons in entrepreneurship.

Dakota and I Hiking to Rocky Peak