Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The MBA Wait

A couple weeks ago I submitted my application to UCLA's Fully Employed MBA program (FEMBA). This is actually my second time applying. Last year I applied to UCLA, Harvard, and Wharton. H & W were really just for fun. I needed to get in the essay writing mode and figured I would practice on the two top schools - just in case. Unfortunately I got dinged by all three. So here I am.

I believe my application has a much better chance this year. I have been promoted at work and completely rewrote two of my essays, plus wrote one new essay about my re-application. Together my essays tell a much more coherent story this go around.

The decision turn around time is supposedly 4-6 weeks. Of course, here I am two weeks in and already impatient. Hopefully it is worth the wait this year. I really look forward to the MBA program and gaining a new prospective.

I couldn't work Dakota into this post,
but have you been to the Garden of the Gods